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Farstuff: The Internet of Things Podcast

Everything around us is getting smarter and more connected, and that technology is enabling a new class of smart, connected devices. This Internet of Things (IoT) will transform our lives, and this weekly podcast helps you stay on top of it. Subscribe now for the latest news, plus deeper dives into IoT-enabling tech, interviews with people driving the IoT, mHealth, privacy and other societal implications, and more.

Podcast Episodes

#31 • IoT Security and Privacy w/ Terry Dunlap, Founder & CEO, Tactical Network Solutions

After an early arrest for hacking, Terry Dunlap grew up to work for the good guys—first with the NSA, and now as the Founder & CEO of Tactical Network Solutions. TNS helps ensure that manufacturers consider security for the whole IoT product lifecycle. In this episode we get deep into Internet of Things security and […]

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#30 • Building the IoT w/ Maciej Kranz, VP Strategic Innovations Group, Cisco

In this episode we discuss the business feasibility of the Internet of Things and what needs to happen to make this a viable business asset or possibly complete business model. Maciej Kranz, VP of the Strategic Innovations Group at Cisco, wrote the book on “Building the Internet of Things” and we discuss what he discovered […]

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#29 • When a Smart Jet is Your Co-Pilot — Dr. Bart Russell & Dr. Bill Casebeer, Lockheed Martin

Lockheed Martin is an impressive innovator in the symbiotic machine-human tech development space. With an impressive array of sensors, haptic feedback points and a sophisticated AI system, a fighter jet and its pilot are more linked than ever before. This is just a fraction of the innovation happening there, learn more by checking out the latest news at Lockheed Martin […]

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#28 • Helping Companies Build Their Own IoT — John McDonald, CloudOne CEO

CloudOne helps companies create their own IoT, from services to things. In this episode we have the pleasure of talking with John McDonald, the CEO of CloudOne, about how they do that, and the challenges of building enterprise- and consumer-grade IoT products. CloudOne, Inc. Magazine’s fastest-growing IT company in Indiana two years in a row and winner […]

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#27 • Smart Lighting and the “Digital Ceiling” w/ Cree VP Greg Merritt + Cisco CTO John Baekelmans

Today’s LED lights are really IoT devices — with sensors, processing, and memory — which are deployed every 8 feet in a typical building. That makes lighting the nodes that enable “digital ceilings”, which in turn enables building- and site-wide intelligence. We’re delighted to share our in-person interview with both Greg Merritt, Cree’s VP of Marketing, and John Baekelmans, CTO of Cisco’s Internet of […]

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