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Podcast on Blockchain, Ethereum, Bitcoin and Distributed Technologies

Epicenter is a podcast about the technologies, projects & people driving decentralization and the global blockchain revolution. Every week, hosts Brian Fabian Crain, Sebastien Couture and Meher Roy find the most interesting people in the industry for in-depth discussions about their projects, ideas and stories. Epicenter is part of the Let's Talk Bitcoin Network.

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#283 Yaniv Tal: The Graph – A Marketplace for Web3 Data Indexes Based on GraphQL

We're joined by Yaniv Tal, Project Lead at The Graph. The project aims to create a scalable marketplace for high-availability blockchain data indexes.

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#282 Simon de la Rouviere: Bonding Curves, Curation Markets, Token Curated Registries, and Art

We're joined by Simon de la Rouviere, an independent researcher and blogger. In recent months, Simon's research has focused on Token Curated Registries (or TCRs), and the economics of curation markets.

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#281 Ethan Buchman & Sunny Aggarwal: Cosmos – Launching the Internet of Blockchains

We're joined by Ethan Buchman and Sunny Aggarwal of Cosmos. With its recent mainnet launch, we discuss how the network is running and address potential issues relating to governance and centralization of power.

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#280 Jackson Palmer: Dogecoin – wow! so meme. such community. very charity. much story.

We're joined by Jackson Palmer, co-creator of Dogecoin. Though he has left the project, Jackson shares the story of how he created the most popular meme cryptocurrency as a joke.

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