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#328: How to Celebrate Your Team

Regardless of who you are, where you come from, or what kind of work you do, we all have one thing in common: the need to be appreciated. And if you ask Ramsey Solutions’ own Chris Hogan, celebrating your team members’ hard work and memorable milestones is more than worth your time—and money. In fact, Chris considers this sort of recognition a crucial part of any employee retention plan. Tune in to hear him explain why it’s so powerful and how to do it right. Also joining the conversation is EntreLeadership Senior Vice President Sarah Sloyan to share her favorite ways to celebrate team members, as well as her thoughts on building trust.

Download: 43 Easy Ways to Recognize Your Team

The 5 Love Languages by Gary Chapman

The Speed of Trust by Stephen M.R.

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#327: Simplify Your Life With Digital Minimalism

Have you ever wondered if you are addicted to Instagram? How about Facebook? Take a second and think about how many times you mindlessly look at your phone in one day. Although best-selling author Cal Newport says more and more of us are questioning our relationship with personal technology, we’re fighting an uphill battle as tech companies are spending billions of dollars to monopolize our attention. Tune in as Cal breaks down ways to reclaim a more focused and meaningful life in an increasingly noisy world.

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#326: The Necessity of Conflict

Sure, conflict at work may feel uncomfortable at times, but best-selling author and leadership expert Patrick Lencioni says it’s absolutely vital to the health of your organization. Tune in to hear Pat explain why the right kind of conflict (i.e. not mean spirited) builds trust, improves relationships, boosts productivity, and more.

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#325: Why You Should Delegate Results, Not Tasks

Bryan and Shannon Miles, Co-CEOs of BELAY, know a thing or two about maximizing productivity. In fact, they’ve built an entire business around it by helping overworked business owners find amazing virtual assistants, bookkeepers and web specialists. On this episode, Bryan and Shannon explain how getting out of the way and delegating results, not tasks, has helped them become more efficient than ever.

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#324: How Growing Cultural Cultivators Leads to Scale

Dutch Bros Coffee CEO and Founder Travis Boersma has big expansion plans—like opening 800 new stores in the next five years—but he wouldn’t even dream of scaling at that rate without one thing: a passionate team. In fact, he credits his almost 10,000 employees, who he likes to call cultural cultivators, for the coffee chain’s continued success. Tune in to hear Travis explain why culture is king at Dutch Bros and how he pours into his team every day.

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