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The Bull Pen Podcast E31: Facebook Taking Over Cryptocurrency?

In Episode 31 of The Bull Pen Podcast, The Crypto Bully steps into the Bull Pen with Justin Wu. Justin is a growth marketer and information architect who undeniably knows his way around the blockchain world. He’s contributed to the growth and marketing to over 15 blockchain companies and Dapps on their campaigns and pushes out a wealth of knowledge daily via LinkedIn centered around growth hacks, campaigns and building communities. Justin drops some true gems during his talk with Lyndon sharing his views on what he believes are the missing links in the blockchain and cryptocurrency space. He also speaks on the events he has founded as well as the ones he’ll be attending and hosting throughout 2019.

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The Bitcoin Podcast #253

Coinbase is a bank!? Great news this week as we dive into PewDiePie going Blockchain, IMF worried about Bitcoin, and Coinbase launches a debit card! All this and more on another exciting episode of The Bitcoin Podcast.

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Just The Headers #48

We read Cyrptocurrency headlines. It used to be kind of serious...but only kind of. Now, we mainly try to take the news seriously because it is kind of redundant and have fun in that attempt. Welcome to the best crypto show you're going to hear for the rest of your life. You're welcome.

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Hashing It Out #42 - Monero Research Lab - Brandon Goodell

We shouldn't pick favorites, but this is definitely one of our favorite episodes so far. We have the extreme pleasure of learning from Brandon Goodell, Research Associate at Monero Research Lab, about Monero, how it's designed, privacy in Monero and how it compares to other coins like ZCash, scalability, and consensus mechanisms in general. This is exactly the kinda conversations we built this show for, and there were more than one eye opening moments. Definitely scope this one out!

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Dose of Ether #18: Web3 v2.001

Bijan and Lucian talk about the first Ethereum 2.0 - Serenity test nets coming online. We also talk about ProgPoW, MolochDAO, and xDai and the Burner Wallet.

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