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Podcast Episodes

The Bitcoin Podcast #263

This episode, the boys kick back and discuss topics of interest. No interview this time but we are joined by members of the community and we dive into the HODL+ strategy, Facebook's Libra (a.k.a. ZuckBucks), the very concept of what trading is and whether it's good for the ecosystem, what virtue signaling is and if influencers are taking advantage of it, you know we're talking about the price, and much much more. Enjoy the show!

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Just The Headers #58

We read Cyrptocurrency headlines. It used to be kind of serious...but only kind of. Now, we mainly try to take the news seriously because it is kind of redundant and have fun in that attempt. Welcome to the best crypto show you're going to hear for the rest of your life. You're welcome.

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Hashing It Out #49 - xDAI Burner Wallet - Austin Griffith

With great pleasure, we present to you, Austin Griffith. You've seen this man all over YouTube, often rockin' a bowtie, and showing some amazing and dynamic live demonstrations of his creative process in designing new user experiences for Ethereum. Author of the xDAI burner wallet, expert in meta transactions, and dapp development pioneer, Austin's energy and knowledge is palpable. This episode is a lot of fun and highly educational.

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The Bull Pen Podcast #E40: Chatting with BitConnect

In Episode 40 of The Bull Pen Podcast, The Crypto Bully steps into the Bull Pen with an individual who goes by the pseudonym AnonOne aka AO. AO was both a business strategist and technical developer for BitConnect back in its starting days and came to Lyndon with quite a perspective and some insider information on how the business operated up until its exit from the market. AO also speaks on Bitcoin not staying #1 forever, quantum proof coins, India’s new law proposal that could result in a crypto ban and offense punishable by up to 10 years in jail, and another scam project that he contributed to in its early days known as MCAP. The validity of this information cannot be publicly verified due to the protection of AO’s identity but comes from a highly trusted source.

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Dose of Ether #20 - Meta Transactions, xDAI Burner Wallet, and Libra

This week Lucian and Collin talk about Meta Transaction, a process allowing the offloading of gas costs for Ethereum smart contracts. They go over Maker xDAI and the Burner Wallet work by Austin Griffith. Finally there's a long talk on Libra, because why not?

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