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This podcast includes health, nutrition, diet, wellness, workout, exercise, Paleo, vegan, and fat loss advice from America's top personal trainer, Ben Greenfield. Ben discusses the latest health, fitness and multi-sport research, interviews fitness and medical professionals, and shares new cutting-edge content.

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399: The Latest Science On Low Carb Diets, Is Fasting An Eating Disorder, Should Lean Females Fast, How To Combat Sleep Deprivation & Much More.

Q&A Episode 399 Have a podcast question for Ben? Click the button at the bottom of the page (or go to SpeakPipe), or use the Contact button in the free Ben Greenfield Fitness app. Click here for some tips on how to have the best chance of having your question featured on the show. - The morning brew recipe Ben mentions in intro: Alright, this recipe is fully loaded fuel that tastes like ambrosia of the gods. I tried it out this morning and my brain has been humming along quite nicely since about 5am. Here's the full recipe (yeah, you need plenty of ingredients, but it's worth it). Into a Nutribullet or any other heat-friendly blender, add the following: - 2 heaping tablespoons of MiCacao mix (this is a mix of cacao nibs and cacao shells that gives you the experience of drinking pure chocolate with no calories) - 2 packets Four Sigmatic Chaga mushroom extract - 2 packets Four Sigmatic Lion's Mane extract - 1 dropperful Omica Organics butterscotch toffee stevia - 1 teaspoon of a good salt (I used Colima salt) - 12-16 piping hot ounces of Kion Coffee Blend on high for about 90 seconds, then open your blender carefully as contents can expand and get foamy (and the foam is oh-so-delicious). I may or may not have also put 0.5 grams of psilocybin extract into this mix, but that's your call. ;) Bon appetit! News Flashes...5:30 Turns out a very low carb diet doesn’t seem to impair high-end exercise performance but there are SO many variables to this that I’ll unpack in next podcast. If you are eating a very low carbohydrate diet and also limiting calories for the goals of weight loss, this study shows that you sure as heck better also be lifting weights. It's so ridiculous how the media thinks "fasting" is a newfangled eating disorder. They should read this. Interesting! A new review looks into the optimum exercise intensity, type, and duration for boosting mood. Special Announcements...28:45 - Click here to follow Ben on Instagram, and get ready for some epic stories about his morning, day and evening routine!  Here's Where Ben Is Speaking And Traveling Around The World Coming Soon - August 3-4, 2019: Colorado Rockies Ultra, Beast, and Sprint Weekend -  Aspen, CO. The mountains are calling! High in the peaks of the Rocky Mountains, team members from my company, Kion and I will be experiencing the immense beauty of Colorado while conquering climbs, crawls, carries, and traverses.

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Ben Greenfield Q&A: Detox Myths, Amino Acids While Fasting, Muscle Gain Protocols, Cell Phone Dangers & Much More!

In this podcast, recorded during the Swiss Clinic retreat that I led in the Swiss Alps two weeks ago, we cover a host of questions from attendees. Strap yourself in and prepare for this massive Q&A that includes the following: -Are you increasing mTOR by taking Kion Aminos throughout the day vs. around a workout? [6:25] 1 gram of amino acids = 1 gram of protein Any protein can be anabolic Exercising with 10 g of aminos is more effective than in a pure fasted state -What are the best protocols for eliminating heavy metals and toxins, and how do you measure success? [10:20] Process vs. Event. Daily detox is far more effective than a yearly or quarterly The Longevity Diet by Dr. Valter Longo Ben's Kitchari recipe BGF podcast with Dr. Dan Pompa BGF podcast with Dr. Satchin Panda Ben's personal protocol Sauna treatment everyday Coffee enema weekly Rebounder and vibration platform Biggest detox organ is the skin Mass spectrometry Onegevity NutrEval by Genova Diagnostics GI Effects 3 day gut test Wellness FX Once in a Lifetime Genetic Test Tree of Life BGF podcast w/ Dr. Kharim Dhanani Microbiome analysis: Viome or Onegevity -How to find relief from exercise-induced rhinitis [18:40] HistaBlock Avoid dairy -Is there a threshold between the sympathetic and parasympathetic state? [21:30] There is no threshold Autonomic nervous system sends signal to the heart via vagus nerve Good balance between the two dictates the vagus nerve communication with the heart will be clear High HRV is indicative of healthy balance between sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems Breath work is highly efficacious -What is the latest science on carnivore, ketogenic, vegan diets? [28:15] There is no one "perfect" diet to follow; it's highly individualized Be aware of your ancestry and adjust your diet accordingly Periods of caloric restriction are very beneficial Ben does a Kitchari cleanse 4x per year -How dangerous are WiFi, cellular, 5G signals? [35:15] BGF podcast w/ Nick Pineault The Non-Tinfoil Guide to EMF's by Nick Pineault BGF podcast w/ building biologist Brian Hoyer Shielded Healing dirty electricity filters Will humans evolve to tolerate these hazards? BluShield signal scrambling device Acoustimeter Holding your phone makes you a conductor of EMF Phase Angle (recommended by Dr.

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132 Pound Bow Draws & 3000+ Calories Burnt Per Day: How Fit Were Our Ancestors (& Where Do Plants & Grains vs. A Carnivore or Ketogenic Diet Fit In)?

When it comes to diet, water, medicine, awareness, nature immersion, movement, hormesis, community, and ancestral technologies, not many folks know quite as much as my guest on today's show: Arthur Haines. Arthur is a Maine hunting and recreation guide, forager, ancestral skills mentor, author, public speaker, and botanical researcher. He grew up in the western mountains of Maine, a rural area that was home to swift streams known for their trout fishing. He spent most of his childhood in the Sandy River Valley hiking, tracking, and foraging. Arthur now runs the Delta Institute of Natural History in Canton, Maine, where he teaches human ecology, focusing on the values of foraging, wildcrafting medicine, and primitive living skills. His series of YouTube videos has inspired thousands of people interested in foraging wild edible and medicinal plants. Arthur recently authored a very big book that I thoroughly enjoyed, entitled “A New Path: To Transcend the Great Forgetting Through Incorporating Ancestral Practices into Contemporary Living”. This guide is a comprehensive work on nature connection and rewilding, detailing how to incorporate ancestral practices into modern living. During our discussion, you'll discover: -The criteria by which humans have become "domesticated"...7:38 Altered temperament -- milder than in the natural state Cows originated from aurochs (now extinct), which were very fierce Altered social hierarchy (establish that humans are in authority) Our ancestors lived a more egalitarian lifestyle than we do today Altered diet  Diet today is far different, oftentimes poorer in quality The ability to breed in captivity Humans consider pregnancy/giving birth to be an ailment 99% are institutionalized; take moms out of their most comfortable habitat Arthur maintains that humans display all of the above traits of domesticated animals -How fit were our hunter/gatherer ancestors...14:00 Very active lifestyle out of necessity, depending on resource density Micmac people (still exist in N. America) estimated to travel over a million acre home range over the course of a year What we travel on foot today is a fraction of that 10k steps a day would be close to the average of hunter/gatherers (5-10 miles per day) Arthur does not engage in any type of self-quantification Draw weight of bows among our ancestors: The more energy required to bend the bow, the more energy can be imparted to the arrow Most bows today are ~50 lb. draw Bows of hunter/gatherers were much higher; ~70 lb. The highest recorded were over 130 lbs.

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398: Top 12 Keto Myths, The Dark Side Of Tabatas, Dad Bod, Healthy Sunscreen Alternatives & More!

Q&A Episode 398 Have a podcast question for Ben? Click the button at the bottom of the page (or go to SpeakPipe), or use the Contact button in the free Ben Greenfield Fitness app. Click here for some tips on how to have the best chance of having your question featured on the show! Ben's travels and extensive travel gear...1:42 Lambs radiation proof underwear RA Optics Pac Safe Theft and RFID preventing bags Hydrogen-rich water Activated charcoal Ample Keto Meal Replacement Shake EMF Portal mentioned News Flashes...15:00   -Top 12 keto myths debunked (WARNING - these studies were performed in diabetic patients NOT in active athletes)   -It’s pretty shocking how many nutrition studies rely on self reported data when we KNOW people vastly underestimate the # of calories consumed: Click here to read up on it.   -This incredibly helpful portal summarizes all systematically scientific research data on the effects of electromagnetic fields (EMF) - with an inventory of 28,495 publications and 6,364 summaries of individual scientific studies on EMF, updated daily -Interesting - how men’s bodies change when they become fathers   -The dark side of Tabata sets (and a potentially better alternative) Special Announcements...41:40 - Click here to follow Ben on Instagram, and get ready for some epic stories about his morning, day and evening routine! Here's where I'm speaking and traveling around the world coming soon. 13-14 July -- Train to Hunt nationals in Mesa, CO 27-28 July -- Race the River Sprint Triathlon in Couer d'Alene, ID 3-4 August - Aspen Snowmass Late September -- Spartan World Championships in Lake Tahoe, CA - View Ben’s Calendar Here This podcast is brought to you by: -Kion: My personal playground for new supplement formulations, Kion blends ancestral wisdom with modern science. Ben Greenfield Fitness listeners receive a 10% discount off your entire order when you use discount code: BGF10. -Thrive Market: Organic brands you love, for less. Your favorite organic food and products. Fast and free shipping to your doorstep.

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Part 2: How To Identify The Lies That Popular Media Spews About Wellness (& My Reply To “The Most Overhyped Wellness Promises, Debunked”)

Click here for a downloadable PDF version of show notes for this episode.    The popular website Vice published a controversial article last week entitled "The Most Overhyped Wellness Promises, Debunked." Chock full of skepticism about keto, colonics, charcoal, and more, the article created plenty of buzz—both good and bad—across the internet... ...and in today's podcast, I'm going to address the Vice article in full, including debunking plenty of the BS that was in the article, presenting research-based facts about so-called wellness myths (including a few that will surprise, such as the truth about charcoal toothpaste and sea salt), and set the good folks at Vice right. Enjoy, and be sure to leave your own comments and feedback in the comments section below. You can find Part 1 of this series, where I debunked the first 22 "myths" found in the article here. Now, here are my responses to Myths 23-44: -Myth #23: Red yeast rice supplements aren’t that effective at lowering cholesterol...7:08 Red Yeast Rice: Benefits, Side Effects and Dosage Contains monacolin K (same thing found in statins) Some forms don't contain doses as high as found in literature Can affect cholesterol, triglycerides and blood pressure Greater insulin insensitivity Prevented increases in cholesterol levels in rats Decreased tumor levels and cancer cell growth Red yeast rice supplements contain only trace amounts of monacolin K (check label carefully) -Myth #24: You should not eat your placenta...11:30 Placenta – Worth Trying? Human Maternal Placentophagy: Possible Benefit and Potential Risks Nutritional composition: whole host of vitamins, interesting hormonal profile Effective in treating depressive moods, post-partum depression Not much human clinical research verifying the efficacy of eating the placenta -Myth #25: Microwaves are not bad for you...15:38 The Two Sides of the Story: Is Microwave Radiation Harmful? Dehydrates, hurts the taste of food It may not be bad for your food, but it may be bad for you Non-native EMFs -Myth #26: Crystals do not store healing, stress-relieving energy...18:55 How Crystals Work: The Science of Crystal Healing LCD: Liquid Crystal Display Crystals contain quartz (cilica dioxide) Much of modern computing depends on crystals Marcel Vogel: Pioneer of crystal research Biology of Belief by Dr. Bruce Lipton Mind to Matter by Dr. Dawson Church No human clinical research on crystal's efficacy on healing and stress relief Himalayan Salt Lamp -Myth #27: You do not need a colonic to power-wash your intestines...24:20 Is a Colon Cleanse Actually Beneficial? What You Must Know...

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