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Fit Pregnancy with Functional Medicine Physician Dr. Gabrielle Lyon — Muscle Maven Radio Episode #11

Dr. Gabrielle Lyon is a functional medicine physician specializing in Muscle-Centric Medicine, which focuses on skeletal muscle as the key to longevity. She leverages evidence-based medicine with emerging cutting-edge science to restore metabolism, balance hormones, and optimize body composition with the goal of improving health-span.Dr. Lyon’s current patient population includes elite military operators, professional athletes, executives, and anyone looking to level up their body and mind. 


Dr. Lyon completed her undergraduate degree from the University of Illinois Champaign - Urbana in Human Nutrition, Vitamin and Mineral Metabolism. She attended the Arizona College of Osteopathic Medicine and is board-certified in Family Practice. She also completed a research/clinical fellowship in Nutritional Science and Geriatrics at Washington University in St. Louis. Before her foray into medicine, Dr. Lyon was a national semifinalist in Fitness America, a professional fitness model, and nationally ranked figure competitor. She is also a regular speaker on these and other topics for academic and public audiences and is a member of the Eagle Rise Speakers Bureau.  


Ashleigh has a fit pregnancy chat with our favorite functional medicine physician, Dr. Gabrielle Lyon. We talk about the exercise and nutrition adjustments that need to be made as you grow a human; the reasons behind some common pregnancy symptoms (food aversions, swollen feet, exhaustion); her thoughts about a birth plan and delivery; resources and tests to take, and things to consider if you’re planning to have a kid for both men and women; and how a Type-A, busy, athletic doctor who treats military operators everyday is learning to connect with her more feminine and maternal side.


Minute Breakdown:


0 – 9 Catching up with Gabrielle in her second trimester of pregnancy; she talks about the unexpected experience it’s been so far, and the life-changing moment that helped her decide she wanted to have a baby


9 – 16 How pregnancy is helping her connect with her feminine and maternal side, and how pregnancy is often an opportunity to practice adaptability – you can’t always control the way your body changes or feels  

16 - 31 How Dr. Lyon’s training and eating has changed (spoiler alert: Significantly!)


31 – 38  What’s Dr.

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Biohacking Your Way To A World Record Bench Press with Emily Hu and Halo Sport CTO Brett Wingeier — Barbell Shrugged #387

Halo Sport is the first-ever brain stimulator used to accelerate movement-based learning. In other words, it speeds up the development of skill, strength, and endurance, depending on the type of training that you pair with it.


Halo Sport works by applying non-invasive, mild electrical current to the motor cortex (part of the brain responsible for movement), allowing your brain to build stronger connections and learn movement faster. For example: You can wear Halo Sport for 20 minutes before your training session, which gives you one hour of what neuroscientists call “hyperlearning” or “hyperplasticity”.

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Hard Work Beats Talent: My Story of Couch Surfing to a 7 Figure Business — Real Chalk #71

We all need inspiring stories to keep us motivated and remind us of what is possible. Sometimes we settle with mediocre and forget what our original goals were. We forget what we were put on this earth to do. We get scared. We fail. We make excuses. We put ourselves in a place with limits. But what if... What if our soul has another plan the whole time? What if we don’t know what it is, but it keeps us awake at night? It reminds us that what we are doing is either right or wrong. It consumes our every movement, breathe, thought, and action. It is a gut feeling that never steers you in the wrong direction. It is... Everything you were meant to be and more. You just have to trust it.


This is my story. It always gets me emotional, so I’m sorry for the sad parts, but it’s enough to light you up for the week and it’s real shit that we can all accomplish.


Enjoy! I love you all.


Show notes:


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The Human Garage with Garry Lineham— The Bledsoe Show #129

Garry Lineham (@humangaragela), co-founder of Human Garage, is a lifelong bio-hacker who believes that the human body was designed to heal itself. He started Human Garage as a vehicle to give people the correct input to start that healing. Garry himself lived in chronic pain for over 20 years.


During that time, he became increasingly frustrated with the countless treatment modalities that only addressed his symptoms. He realized the root of the problem wasn’t being solved and set out to do just that.


Human Garage is based on the principle that optimal health is achieved through complete alignment— restoring the natural functions of the body to enjoy pain-free, full-range of motion. Garry is proud of the fact that medical doctors and therapists from around the world are now coming to Venice, California to learn the Human Garage way of repairing and re-balancing the human body.


In this episode, Gary gives why stretching doesn’t work and the issue isn't the issue. How the body is all connected as one. How the Human Garage began and what sets it apart from other places.


Minute Breakdown:


0 - 18 Muscles have signals. If you don’t get a signal to body part you are working on, then you need to fix that because you are over compensating other areas.  Traditionally people power through aches and pains and don’t resolve it. What does it mean to have your body compensate itself back into alignment?


18 –29  There’s one reason why all these injuries happen and it is stress.  People work out to get rid of stress and then end up injured. Fascia is woven everywhere throughout your body. It’s like an intricate network of webbing that connects each part of you to everything else.  How we walk with our hips not our feet. If your systems aren’t working together than it has an effect on performance. You want your muscles to work better, but really you need the whole body to be working together.  


29 - 42  How meridian lines show hidden throughout your body,  connections you can’t see and would never consider. They are useful in showing us the connections between muscles, joints, nerves, and organs.   Drilling down to the real issue, lin internal organs, then you heal faster. Food staying in the system too long and doesn’t absorb protein which then turns to cards.  When your body is achy in muscle and joints, it’s because the body can’t recover.


42 – 50: Gary changed model so people don’t have to come in as much.   They are now training external preactionars so they can expand the Human Garage.

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Let’s Talk About Sex (Therapy) with Dr. Shannon Chavez — Muscle Maven Radio Episode #10

Dr. Shannon Chavez is a speaker, educator and sex therapist for men, women and couples. She's a licensed clinical psychologist with a private practice in Beverly Hills where she specializes in treatment of sexual disorders; sex education for conservative religious and cultural groups; sexual trauma and abuse; and compulsive behaviors surrounding love, romance, and sex.


What does a sex therapist do? What are the major challenges a sex therapist sees in their clients? How do you bring up sensitive topics around sex and relationships with your partner? What’s a vaginal barbell? These are just a few of the spicy questions Ashleigh gets to ask Beverly Hills sex therapist Dr. Shannon Chavez. This is an open, funny, and deep conversation about sex, relationships, and pleasure and how it all relates back to your overall health.


Show Overview:  


0 – What does a sex therapist do? How did Dr. Chavez get into the profession? What is the process for a prospective client in working with a sex therapist?

25 – Some of the most common issues she sees with her clients, alone and in couples, including lack of desire, opening relationships, sex after having a baby, women who have never had an orgasm, and porn addiction, just to name a few!


30 – Defining some terms like “ethical non-monogamy” and “monogamish”, and how to define your own terms in a relationship rather than ones that are set for you by others


38 – Understanding compatibility and the differences between personality compatibility and sexual compatibility; do partners have to have similar tastes, interests, personalities?  


42 – How to navigate exploring or introducing a new sex idea with your partner


49 – Labeling your relationship or your sexuality: when it’s good, when it’s problematic  


54 – Dr.

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