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Memoirs of a Navy Seal with Travis Kennedy — Real Chalk #81

Travis Kennedy is a 13 year Navy SEAL veteran. After becoming a member of my gym, CHALK, just a few months, I’ve always had so many questions I wanted to ask. I mean, who hasn’t wanted to be a Navy SEAL at one point in their life? And when you meet one, I feel like you just want to ask them everything! So that’s what this show is about. 


It’s a little bit of everything from an internally super excited child version of myself, but also with a take away message of how to take that Navy SEAL mindset and incorporate it into your everyday life. If we all had just a little more of that mentality each day, so many people wouldn’t have to be searching Instagram for motivation daily. They would be their own source of motivation. They would be more confident, more assertive, more structured... And the list really goes on and on...

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Peaking to be the Strongest Human in the World with Anders Varner, Doug Larson, and Travis Mash — Barbell Shrugged #405

The final mesocycle of the One Ton Challenge is a 4 week peak cycle to prepare you to enter the One Ton Club totaling 2,000 (1,2000) in the snatch, clean, jerk, squat, deadlift, and bench press. The leak cycle prepares you to have the strength and conditioning to hit 6 max effort lifts in a short time period.

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Courage and the Myth of “the Hustle and Grind” with Drew Canole — The Bledsoe Show #139

In this episode Drew Canole dive into getting out of your comfort zone, following your heart and aligning versus hustling and grinding all the time. Drew’s advice and ways to cope with adversity and getting the life that allows you to be you.  They also dive into best daily habits for optimal health and performance.


Drew Canole is nutrition specialist, transformation specialist and national spokesperson for the benefits of juicing vegetables for health and vitality. He is the founder and CEO of Fitlifetv, where he shares educational, inspirational and entertaining videos and articles about health, fitness, healing and longevity.

Drew is also a best selling author, and founder of Organifi, our favorite superfood powder company, and one of our awesome sponsors! They are known for their organic, incredibly delicious greens powder, chock-full of superfoods to make juicing easy no matter your busy schedule.


Minute Breakdown:


0 - 18 following your heart to liberate your soul.  How step into bigger roles and deal with adversity at the same time.  Dealing with judgement and how to deal with those triggers.


18-29 Taking perceived risks, making big changes, being courageous. Science of thought and attracting abundance. Drew’s techniques to release money blocks, and  to attract money and abundance in your life.


29 - 42  Finding your “whydenity”. Drew’s book “You be You” detoxing your life, owning who you are, and what mindset exercises are used to transform your life.  


42 - 50 Giving yourself permission to mess up and live life.  How to change your habits. Releasing dopamine after 35 years of age and breaking subconscious habits. Model the person who is already doing what you want and learn their habits.


50 + Going through phases in life to get where you are.   Understanding your life mission and continuing with personal development.

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Why Evolving (in fitness, and in life) Is Scary But Worth It, with Steph Gaudreau — Muscle Maven Radio Episode #20

This podcast is all about evolution: how scary, difficult, frustrating, and ultimately freeing empowering it can be to figure out how to let go of things that aren’t serving you anymore and allow yourself to grow, change, and move on. Whether in fitness, business, relationships, or life in general, the key to authenticity and happiness is being able to learn from your experiences, pick and choose what works for you, and sometimes, take a leap into the unknown. Today’s guest, nutritional therapy consultant, podcast host, author, and fitness and nutrition coach Steph Gaudreau talks about her own journey, including her recent significant rebranding and all the fear that comes with rebuilding after the painstaking process of building a brand and a following. Steph talks about shifting priorities, stepping out of a “scarcity mindset,” and how staying true to yourself, even when that truth changes, is the best way to live and build a business.  


Steph Gaudreau’s mission is to help women create bigger, bolder, fiercer lives — by building health from the inside out She’s a Nutritional Therapy Consultant, author, blogger, coach, podcaster, and the creator of the former Stupid Easy Paleo. Steph wrote the best-seller The Paleo Athlete: A Beginner’s Guide to Real Food for Performance in 2014, and her award-winning book, The Performance Paleo Cookbook: Recipes for Eating Better, Getting Stronger & Gaining the Competitive Edge. Her upcoming book The Core 4, due out in July 2019, shares her Core 4 pillars of health. Steph hosts her Harder to Kill Radio podcast, where she talks all things fitness, nutrition and mindset about how to build unbreakable humans. She’s also the creator of the Core 4 health program, and the Women’s Strength Summit.

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Functional Range Conditioning and Kinstretch for Better Mobility and Living Pain Free w/ Frank Duffy, Anders Varner, and Doug Larson — Barbell Shrugged #404

Frank Duffy is a Co-Founder of Par Four Performance, and Head Coordinator of Strength Camps at Cressey Sports Performance in Hudson, Massachusetts. Everyday, Duffy trains individuals that have their own unique background, from a training, desired goal, and injury history perspective. Duffy firmly believes that in order to achieve your goals, we need to keep ourselves healthy. Whether your goal is to shoot under 80 on the golf course, or play with your kids pain-free, it all starts with an educated approach to training.


Minute Breakdown:


0-10 – What is Functional Range Conditioning and Kinstretch

11-20 – The history of FRC

21-30 – Finding big rocks and segmenting the spine

31-40 – Scaling intensity in mobility

41-50 – Adding flowing movement to mobility

51 -60 – Soft tissue work, throwing, and power

61 -70 - Creating tension for mobility

71 -80 - Is the phone actually killing us

81 -90 - Finding seminars and sport specific continuing education

91 -100 - Creating buy in with athletes


Frank Duffy on Instagram


Frank Duffy at Par Four Performance


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