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Jason Rule: Supplements for Decreasing Inflammation, Faster Recovery, and Reduced Stress  — Barbell Shrugged #364

Jason Rule is owner of Driven Nutrition, an affiliate exclusive line of sports nutrition and dietary supplements.

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Ken Kilday: The New Tough Leader - Being a Leader Means Not Only Knowing The Words to Say, But Also Putting Action Behind Those Words  — Feed Me Fuel Me #117

According to our guest this week, leadership coach and mentor, Ken Kilday, the failure of leadership presently lies in the fact that people in influential positions know the words to say, yet aren't capable of putting action behind those words. There tend to be two kinds of leaders that seek Ken's counsel: those that are proactive, seeking to bring their blindspots and shortcomings to the forefront, and those that are reacting to a failed state of leadership and Ken's coaching is a last ditch effort to right the ship.


Part of the definition of leadership is to influence. Another way of putting it is to influence another to do what you want when they otherwise wouldn't.


Ken’s breadth of leadership experience provides him the unique ability to help leaders understand that effecting positive change is the key to overall success.

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Ben Bergeron: Chasing Excellence, Building The Fittest Athletes in the World, and Mastering Principle that Create Champions  — Barbell Shrugged #363

Ben Bergeron trains some of the world’s fittest athletes. A former Ironman competitor, triathlete, and CrossFit Games competitor, he has coached athletes to six world championships. As coach to the reigning Fittest Man and Fittest Woman on Earth, Ben is considered one of the top coaches in the sport of CrossFit. He created and continues to provide CompTrain for free as a way of sharing his knowledge with the CrossFit community.


Ben has dedicated his life to helping others become the best version of themselves.

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Why Our Parents Had Nutrition all Wrong and Raising Ryan Fischer w/ Ryan’s Mom — Real Chalk #53



What do nutrition trends, ex-girlfriend stories, and family gossip have in common? They all get air time on this long-awaited episode featuring my mom, the one and only Kim Karecky. She’s been my biggest supporter through all my endeavors, and she’s here to talk about how the definition of “healthy” has changed in her lifetime and what she’s learned about her own eating habits. We take a look in her fridge, reminisce about my childhood, and swap stories that will make you laugh out loud.


You may have listened to other podcasts about my background, but you’ve never gotten the kind of inside look that this episode will give you—from my favorite snacks as a kid, to what it was like to call girls in high school, to how I became the crazy-jacked track athlete in high school. It’s all here, and it’s all riddled with commentary from the woman who knows me best. She tells it like it is and is unashamedly herself, iced coffee obsession and all.


As always, there’s a ton of great info packed in here too, both common sense and totally nonsensical.

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An Integrated Approach to Functional Movement, Quality Movement Mechanics, and Smiling While you Train w/ Aaron Alexander — The Bledsoe Show #112

Aaron Alexander CR, LMT, CPT is an accomplished manual therapist and movement coach with over 13 years of professional experience. He is the founder of the Align Movement™, an integrated approach to functional movement and self-care that has helped thousands of people out of pain and into health.


Aaron also hosts the top-rated Align Podcast featuring the biggest names in movement and wellness. His clients include Hollywood celebrities, Olympic/professional athletes and everyone in between. He teaches workshops and speaks at events all over the world.


In this episode, we talk about the Align method as an integrated approach to functional movement and self-care, the quality of mechanics with ranges of motion and creating length, how to fix your posture and why stretching your back too much can actually be bad for you, how to position your life so you love what you do and have consistency with practices, the benefits of floating in Epsom salts for relaxation and muscle recovery, and much more.






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